QuantumFlo Takes the Lead at the 2012 ASPE Convention

QuantumFlo DragsterAttendees of this year’s American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Convention and Exposition will be given the exclusive opportunity to meet team QuantumFlo, the world’s top manufacturer of pre-packaged pump systems for commercial and industrial plumbing applications, as they showcase their latest industry-changing systems and solutions.

The ASPE Convention and Exposition is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the best in plumbing system design, providing technical education and development for a wealth of plumbing engineers and designers from all over the world.

With a constant flow of features for attendees to enjoy at the convention, QuantumFlo will be putting a distinct spin on the five day event. The theme of this year’s convention is “Drive Your Success,” as innovative products and systems will be showcased by team QuantumFlo in the racing-themed booth 357.

In addition to QuantumFlo’s distinct booth theme, the pump systems manufacturer is rolling out their company-sponsored 1000 horsepower super comp dragster for booth visitors to see and enjoy a unique photo opportunity. Above all, the highlight of QuantumFlo’s presence at this year’s ASPE Convention and Expo will be the showcase of their unique products and systems that are revolutionizing today’s plumbing design industry.

One of QuantumFlo’s latest solutions, iQFlo™, was selected to be highlighted in the convention’s New Product Innovation Showcase, a premier presentation of breakthrough products in plumbing system design. QuantumFlo will hold an extensive demonstration of the efficiency and cost-saving power of iQFlo™ Monday of the convention at 1:00pm in the ASPE Pavilion at booth 520.

To learn more about QuantumFlo, its products and solutions, please visit http://www.quantumflo.com.


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