QuantumFlo Nominated as a Florida Company to Watch

Continuing innovation in the pump industry and beyond, QuantumFlo was recently nominated as a part of the “Florida Companies to Watch” in 2013. With their previous recognition as a finalist for Product Innovation of the Year in 2012, and a featured spot in ASPE’s recent innovation showcase, QuantumFlo’s advanced product line and state-of-the-art solutions are continuing to advance pump technology and garner attention beyond the pump market.

“Florida Companies to Watch,” a prestigious event that is in its third year, celebrates the growth and success of second-stage businesses that are headquartered in Florida. The recognition for second-stage businesses highlights the substantial job growth generated by these companies and their worth to potential employees throughout the state of Florida.

Presented by GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute at the University of Central Florida, the program is a unique way to feature the businesses that are going above and beyond their industry and bring them together. In August, 50 businesses will be chosen as official companies to watch and a gala will be held in October to celebrate the companies.

The nomination is a prestigious honor for QuantumFlo, as many of the companies celebrated are not only influential and innovative within their industry, but also represent strong levels of growth and advancement that are admired by numerous sectors.

QuantumFlo has been a leader in pump technology for years, providing packaged systems for a variety of different markets and verticals, ranging from hospitality to government, aerospace and many more. A number of different businesses in these verticals rely on QuantumFlo’s pump solutions for efficiency, sustainability and cost saving every day.

With this cherished nomination as one of the “Florida Companies to Watch,” QuantumFlo intends to continue as the leader for the pump systems industry in 2013. To follow up the attention and innovation of their software, iQFlo, they will soon be releasing Einstein 2.0, an exclusive sizing and selection program developed with a “Wizard” format; which allows consultants, contractors and QuantumFlo representatives to enter simple information and generate a specific pumping solution that best fits their needs.

Click here for more information on “Florida Companies to Watch.” 


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