QuantumFlo Hires New Regional Sales Manager

Ed RossWe have recently hired industry veteran Ed Ross as a new Regional Sales Manager to spearhead our growing footprint in advanced, variable speed controlled, packaged pump systems for commercial plumbing, HVAC, municipal, irrigation and industrial market applications.

Ed will take over a large portion of the Northeast and Midwest markets for us, looking to build industry relationships everywhere from Maine to Missouri, and from Virginia to Minnesota. With Ed joining the team, our sales operations for this region will be based out of Pittsburgh, which will allow for maximum flexibility and availability for our continuously growing customer base.

Ed is expected to lead planned growth in the region, bringing over 16 years of expertise in selling, designing, and servicing domestic water pressure booster systems. He also has over 25 years of total experience in sales for plumbing systems and equipment.

With great success in a number of different industries providing manufacturing and distribution of packaged pump systems, this represents another big step for the company. Core industry applications such as architecture, construction, hospitality, commercial, retail, aerospace, residential, government, power generation, municipal and industrial companies all depend on our everyday solutions for system pressure boosting.

With advanced pump system design, these businesses are able to save energy, time and money with innovative solutions. The hiring of Ed Ross for the Northeast and Midwest regions highlights our continued growth and marks a significant expansion in service and availability to provide these savings for numerous customers throughout the United States.


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