Monthly Archives: January 2014

Introducing Einstein 2.0, The New Design for Our Pump Sizing and Selection Tool

QF EinIntroducing Einstein 2.0, our advanced online sizing and selection tool, an updated version of our already popular program, which allows end users to find the pump solutions they need with a new look and experience.

The updated Einstein 2.0 was completed with the end user in mind. The program has a new interface that is simple to use and allows users to find the selections they need in minutes. Streamlined from the previous Einstein program, user experience has been enhanced to do much more than just speed up the process of finding a pump solution.

With the new appearance, users can benefit from the new design’s ability to help them understand why the selected pump solutions are right for their project needs. The sizing process for pumps can often be difficult to understand, but Einstein 2.0 combines a variety of important specs from the user with the new, easily-navigated interface to find the right solution.

Einstein 2.0 uses project information such as building height, suction pressure, quantity and fixture types, and voltage to determine the proper sizing and selection for a pump product in just a few minutes.

The design update was developed as a follow-up to the original Einstein selection program, which was already helping companies and users from all over find pump solutions online. We’ve been working throughout the past year to develop the newest phase of the program to not only speed up the process of sizing, but also to create a user experience that is informative and simple.

Users of the original Einstein program can utilize the new, advanced design by simply logging in on the QuantumFlo website. Just as quickly, new and prospective users can enroll on the same website and start entering their project descriptions to find a product to fit their needs within minutes of visiting.