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It’s Official: calQflo® is a Registered Trademark of QuantumFlo

We calQlate Great Things Ahead for this Intelligent Sizing Software


We’re pleased to announce that calQflo® is now a registered trademark of QuantumFlo!

Over this past year, we’ve been excited to share the latest calQflo® news with you including its updated logo and branding last November. Having the calQflo® name now trademarked helps us bring you an enhanced customer experience that only comes with a high quality, innovative product – it’s not just another trademarked word, it’s our promise to you!

What makes calQflo® so special? Whether it’s for plumbing, HVAC, or other construction projects, your specifications can be input into calQflo® to pick the best system selections and solutions to meet your unique needs.

This efficient online booster system sizing and selector software gives you not only the right size booster system for your job, but also the one that’s most energy-efficient. In fact, you can get 20-50% potential energy savings versus other competitors’ variable speed systems!

And best of all, we share calQflo® with you for free—so that you can get the maximum return on your investment for the lowest cost possible.

How easy is it to register with calQflo®? Pretty easy! We can explain it here in just a few minutes.

Want to try out calQflo® for yourself?

Sign up today and let us help you calQlate the right specs for your next project.


QuantumFlo Says Aloha to the 2018 Hawaii BFPM Expo

The ‘Flo’s Back (with a Tan) from Sunny Honolulu!

We had a fantastic time at the Hawaii Buildings, Facilities & Property Management Expo! It’s hard not to love a visit to the sandy beaches of Honolulu, especially when you’re enjoying a perfect ocean view.

QuantumFlo was pumped to see our CEO, David Carrier, speak on behalf of the ‘Flo in a seminar about how variable speed pumps can slay your “energy vampires”:

Photo Mar 07, 8 07 39 AM

We know what you’re wondering: what is an energy vampire? QuantumFlo considers them to be any device that invisibly consumes far more power than it needs to serve its load.

One regular culprit? Constant speed pumps.

These invisible pests can give you:

  • High energy bills
  • Frequent maintenance visits
  • Expensive repair costs

In other words, they can take a serious bite out of your wallet.

Face this head on by taking a good hard look at your pump system—and intelligent sizing and selector software, like our very own calQflo, which can help cast some light on which variable speed pump will save you the most on energy costs.

Got an energy vampire you want us to slay? Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

Big News: QuantumFlo has a Brand New State-of-the-Art Facility!

The Same ‘Flo You Love, With More than Double the Space

We’re bursting with some exciting news! Today we’re thrilled to announce that QuantumFlo has a brand new, state-of-the-art building in Sanford that will be ready to open this summer! What does that mean for you? Lots of space, and neat new features.

This building more than doubles our current facility to 30,000 square feet—with over 7,000 square feet of office space alone. That includes a new 25 desk classroom and lab, complete with an overhead projector and company demo!

Bored of conferences? Just wait until you try our 22” conference table with video conferencing capabilities. If that doesn’t excite you, though, this definitely will—we have a kitchen and large catering counter for service, sales and engineering schools!

Speaking of engineering, processes in the new facility will comply with our recently submitted for ISO 9001 certification. We’ve increased our storage area for project storage of systems during the coordination phase of development, and our lean manufacturing facilities mean all processes are integrated into a single, streamlined structure.

We’re still the same old ‘Flo you love, but with more space and even more efficient operations than ever before.

Stop on by this summer and say hello!

Follow the ‘Flo to the Hawaii Buildings, Facilities & Property Management Expo!

Join Us in Honolulu for the 2018 BFPM Expo

QuantumFlo’s heading to Honolulu! Our CEO, David Carrier, will be speaking at the Hawaii Buildings, Facilities and Property Management (BFPM) Expo.

Now in its 11th year, the Hawaii BFPM Expo brings industry professionals together with suppliers to create an effective market on the exhibit floor.

With over 1.4 million residents and over eight million annual tourists, Hawaii has long been a favored location for building major residential, commercial, and government buildings and facilities statewide.

Which means it’s the perfect place to talk about business for the same reason that it’s a great place to visit: the beaches are beautiful.

While QuantumFlo won’t be exhibiting, we’re looking forward to meeting with various members of the industry to discuss the latest trends in the market. The 2018 BFPM expo is from March 7th – 8th at the Neil Blaisdell Center, and on top of being in stunning Honolulu, admission is completely free!

bigstock-Beautiful-Aerial-View-Of-Spect-155279501 (EDITED)

Want to join us in sunny Honolulu for the 2018 BFPM Expo?
Pre-register online to attend this free admission business and industry trade event!

Wednesday March 7th & Thursday March 8th, 2018
Seminars start at 8:00 am. Exhibits are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Neal Blaisdell Center • 777 Ward Ave. • Honolulu, Hawaii

QuantumFlo at the 2018 AHR Expo!

The ‘Flo goes to Chi-ca-GO!

AHR Expo Blog Graphic-01

We had a great time at the Windy City exhibiting at the world’s largest HVACR Marketplace, the AHR Expo! QuantumFlo joined over 2,000 exhibitors and 65,000 industry professionals from every state in America and 165 countries worldwide.

We were excited to share the latest brand launch for calQflo with over one hundred people at booth #7188! With calQflo’s intuitive navigation and mobile design, we showcased how it can:

  • Compute the most size-appropriate system for your projects.
  • Save money by selecting energy-efficient specs.
  • Give you all this information for free!

To show just how much you can save with calQflo, we gave away $100 Amazon Gift Cards to three lucky new calQflo users during the AHR Expo! Congratulations to Charlie Hagman, Antonio Olivares, and Greg Kronaizl!

QuantumFlo didn’t stop there: we brought our signature kegerator to give a pint of free beer to anyone who came by and said hello. We wound up pumping a total of 400 suds within two days! How’s that for #PumpinSuds?

We’d like to give a special thank you to everyone who stopped by the QuantumFlo booth this year to get a firsthand look at our latest launch of calQflo. We hope to share a pint with you next January in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2019 AHR Expo!

Want to calQlate Your Savings with calQflo?

Just because the AHR Expo is over doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to use calQflo! Sign up today and let us help you calQlate the right specs for your next project.


Breaking News: A Refreshed Brand for Our Pump System Sizing Tool

New Identity Fully Reflects Robustness of Advanced Software

Here at QuantumFlo, the leading variable speed pump technology and systems manufacturer for commercial, HVAC, irrigation and industrial markets, we have significantly expanded the product offering and presence of our advanced sizing and spec program, compelling a new brand launch for the online booster system energy optimization tool: calQflo.

calQflo—previously known as EINSTEIN 3.0—delivers the same user experience, mobile design and easily-accessible information as its previous rendition. Additionally, our iQFlo™ booster operating technology and GreenFlo™ energy-algorithm are still built-in to the energy analysis capability of the software, ensuring that users continue to have an enhanced customer experience, maximum return on their investment and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry.

“We rebranded the sizing tool to more accurately reflect everything it has to offer,” said David Carrier, CEO of QuantumFlo. “Our popular program allowing users to find the best pump solution they instantly need is staying the same in terms of everything except its name.”

calQflo’s new branding and logo are influenced by the overarching, intuitive process of the software. Personified with an intelligent-looking mascot and equipped with an action-based name, calQflo more easily conveys the software’s straightforward user navigation and how easily it computes and selects the most size-appropriate and energy-efficient system for users’ applications.

“Here at QuantumFlo, we prioritize enhancing our customers’ experience and delivering simple, intuitive information in the pre-engineered pump system industry. calQflo continues to use easily-accessible project information like building dimensions, fixture quantities, power conditions, street pressure and more to find our users’ most energy-efficient systems,” said Carrier. “No other pump system manufacturer offers intelligent booster operating systems and quality services like we do.”

Want to see the full capability of calQflo? Learn more here.