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Welcome Our New Turf and Landscape Sales Manager

Gordon Van Dyke is our brand new Turf and Landscape Sales Manager here at QuantumFlo. He will help us grow business within commercial and industrial markets and improve the product line to meet the needs of turf and landscape irrigation in various regions throughout the United States. Gordon will lead planned growth for us in the turf and landscape market, building on our reputation as an advanced leader in pump technology.

He brings over 15 years of experience in sales and product development. For the last five years, he’s served as the Sr. Product Manager for Commercial Pumps and Global Sales Manager, at Rain Bird. Before working at Rain Bird, Gordon spent 10 years in General Electric’s Plastic Division, as the Global Technical Manager for new products. He holds a degree in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering from Cumbernauld College in Scotland, as well as a Business Management Certification from GE’s Crotonville Academy. This unique combination of experience in sales and product, along with his strong education background will allow Gordon to advance our company’s footprint in the turf and landscape irrigation market. Welcome to the team, Gordon!


QuantumFlo Releases GreenFlo™ to Meet Energy Standard for Buildings

greenflo-eblastWe are now helping building owners and supervisors meet growing regulations and standards with GreenFlo™, an algorithm solution that has been added into the software for our packaged pump systems and allows for low water flow detection and the necessary corresponding pump adjustments.

In October, the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 – 2010, or “Energy Standard for Buildings” as it’s commonly known, continued the focus on energy consumption on project sites by requiring buildings to have some kind of logic circuit that detects low water flow and adjust pumps accordingly. We have taken another step forward in pump technology with GreenFlo™, which addresses the new standards and integrates with our industry-leading software solution, iQFlo™.

The updates will require a choice between two types of systems to meet the regulations for building supervisors and property owners. They can either get a transducer mounted by a contractor at the remote point in the field or provide an algorithm within the system to simulate the actions of a transducer. GreenFlo™ is an advanced version of the latter of the two choices, simplifying the cost and using superior logic strategy to go above and beyond the new standards.

GreenFlo™ is an algorithm built into the current iQFlo™ software package, providing complete automation without any additional costs for a contractor. It takes advantage of our superior logic strategy with high speed ModBus RTU native controls and streaming data, requiring no other equipment costs.

This is just the latest way that we are striving to assert ourselves as the leader in pressure boosting and controls technologies, as we stay committed to energy efficiency, sustainable design, superior workmanship quality and industry leadership.

Interested in GreenFlo™ as an energy solution for your pump systems? CLICK HERE to contact us or locate a representative in your area.

QuantumFlo Hires New Regional Sales Manager

Ed RossWe have recently hired industry veteran Ed Ross as a new Regional Sales Manager to spearhead our growing footprint in advanced, variable speed controlled, packaged pump systems for commercial plumbing, HVAC, municipal, irrigation and industrial market applications.

Ed will take over a large portion of the Northeast and Midwest markets for us, looking to build industry relationships everywhere from Maine to Missouri, and from Virginia to Minnesota. With Ed joining the team, our sales operations for this region will be based out of Pittsburgh, which will allow for maximum flexibility and availability for our continuously growing customer base.

Ed is expected to lead planned growth in the region, bringing over 16 years of expertise in selling, designing, and servicing domestic water pressure booster systems. He also has over 25 years of total experience in sales for plumbing systems and equipment.

With great success in a number of different industries providing manufacturing and distribution of packaged pump systems, this represents another big step for the company. Core industry applications such as architecture, construction, hospitality, commercial, retail, aerospace, residential, government, power generation, municipal and industrial companies all depend on our everyday solutions for system pressure boosting.

With advanced pump system design, these businesses are able to save energy, time and money with innovative solutions. The hiring of Ed Ross for the Northeast and Midwest regions highlights our continued growth and marks a significant expansion in service and availability to provide these savings for numerous customers throughout the United States.

QuantumFlo Nominated as a Florida Company to Watch

Continuing innovation in the pump industry and beyond, QuantumFlo was recently nominated as a part of the “Florida Companies to Watch” in 2013. With their previous recognition as a finalist for Product Innovation of the Year in 2012, and a featured spot in ASPE’s recent innovation showcase, QuantumFlo’s advanced product line and state-of-the-art solutions are continuing to advance pump technology and garner attention beyond the pump market.

“Florida Companies to Watch,” a prestigious event that is in its third year, celebrates the growth and success of second-stage businesses that are headquartered in Florida. The recognition for second-stage businesses highlights the substantial job growth generated by these companies and their worth to potential employees throughout the state of Florida.

Presented by GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute at the University of Central Florida, the program is a unique way to feature the businesses that are going above and beyond their industry and bring them together. In August, 50 businesses will be chosen as official companies to watch and a gala will be held in October to celebrate the companies.

The nomination is a prestigious honor for QuantumFlo, as many of the companies celebrated are not only influential and innovative within their industry, but also represent strong levels of growth and advancement that are admired by numerous sectors.

QuantumFlo has been a leader in pump technology for years, providing packaged systems for a variety of different markets and verticals, ranging from hospitality to government, aerospace and many more. A number of different businesses in these verticals rely on QuantumFlo’s pump solutions for efficiency, sustainability and cost saving every day.

With this cherished nomination as one of the “Florida Companies to Watch,” QuantumFlo intends to continue as the leader for the pump systems industry in 2013. To follow up the attention and innovation of their software, iQFlo, they will soon be releasing Einstein 2.0, an exclusive sizing and selection program developed with a “Wizard” format; which allows consultants, contractors and QuantumFlo representatives to enter simple information and generate a specific pumping solution that best fits their needs.

Click here for more information on “Florida Companies to Watch.” 

QuantumFlo Named Finalist for Product Innovation of the Year

QuantumFlo-pumps-and-systems-awardQuantumFlo, the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-packaged pump systems for plumbing and industrial applications, has been awarded second place in the 2012 Pumps & Systems Product Innovation of the Year Award for its groundbreaking software solution, iQFlo™.

The Product Innovation of the Year Award is one of the most prestigious recognitions in the industry, as it highlights systems and solutions that have made a huge impact during their first year in the pumps market. The selection is based on multiple factors, including field testing, evidence of end-user success, as well as voting from the publication’s editorial advisory board.

QuantumFlo’s iQFlo™ was introduced in April 2012 as a software controls product built to optimize water pressure to meet the inconsistent demands of pump systems. It uses an algorithm to address those pressure issues and helps save power and improve energy performance, as well as reduce the carbon footprint.

The innovation of iQFlo™ is in its technology, which delivers a short payback period for both pump remodels and new packaged pump systems. The system is not only an advanced controls complement to variable speed pumps, but it’s also a cost-effective solution that meets many of the pressure control issues that are common throughout the industry.

As a departure from the industry’s standard technology, QuantumFlo’s software helps eliminate stand-by losses and builds up operating speed of decision making at nearly 100 times faster than standard firmware.

Pumps & Systems is the leading news resource for the pump and rotating equipment sector. Over 42,000 engineers, managers, operators and maintenance professionals subscribe to make up the largest circulation of any pump operations publication in the world.

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iQFlo™ will be featured at the 2012 ASPE Convention Showcase.

iQFlo™ will be featured at the Innovation Showcase during the country’s largest tradeshow for plumbing products -- the 2012 ASPE Convention and Exposition.

The 2012 American Society of Plumbing Engineers Convention and Exposition is an industry leading event that highlights innovations throughout plumbing system design. At this year’s convention, QuantumFlo will be featuring iQFlo™, a revolutionary, eco-friendly software solution which ensures efficiency that’s miles ahead of the current standard in pump technology.

The New Product Innovation Showcase is the prominent exhibition of the convention as the most exciting product launches are displayed for attendees. There will be a variety of new technology in the plumbing system industry with a mix of products and software.  Among all entries, only 10-15 new products are chosen to be a part of the showcase by a committee of ASPE Chapter members.

The development of the breakthrough iQFlo™ software came from a need to better work with and measure variable speed water pressure processes. The system offers the latest technology in pump regulation, delivering both cost saving and energy efficiency.

With a strong line of pre-packaged pump systems, QuantumFlo’s iQFlo™ is able to oversee, predict and quickly react to water demand. It works alongside the company’s assortment of pump systems and provides a solution to help them run at the highest level.

The ASPE Convention is the largest tradeshow for plumbing products in the country, including nearly 30 different professional development sessions. The convention will take place from October 27-31 in Charlotte, NC. With this year’s convention theme being “Drive Your Success,” QuantumFlo will show off an impressive line of systems and solutions in their race-themed booth 327, located next to the ASPE Pavilion.

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Pump Solutions Leader Increases Top Industry Partnerships by Providing Eco-Friendly Innovations

Quantumflo President David Carrier

Quantumflo President David Carrier discusses newest methods and innovative technologies with representatives and industry partners.

QuantumFlo’s latest in efficiency technology increases their network of quality representatives.

QuantumFlo, the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-packaged water pump systems for commercial and industrial applications, is sparking interest across existing and new industry partners through their commitment to innovation of new products and providing of the most efficient control technologies for integrated packaged pumping solutions.

With current innovations like their new operating system, iQFlo, many specialists have taken notice of QuantumFlo’s unique capabilities and decades of control experience—key qualities that have allowed the company to rise to the top of the variable speed pressure booster market. Looking to offer effective, innovative pumping solutions, more and more high-end representatives are teaming up with companies such as QuantumFlo to raise the bar on efficiency standards.

Constantly looking for the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, QuantumFlo’s representative goals are to promote the best products to the construction, architectural, consulting and project management industries. By ensuring value by bringing eco-friendly innovations directly to the decision makers that drive business in these arenas, these recommendations help to keep companies aligned with current industry trends with cutting-edge products.

As regulations and social responsibility continue to challenge developers in industrial markets to enhance power savings along with system energy performance, QuantumFlo is leading the efforts to reduce the carbon footprint inefficient pumping packages leave behind.

Among the list of representatives that have recently joined the QuantumFlo team includes Wales-Darby, a solutions provider to the plumbing and HVAC industries. Since the partnership, the group has seen increases in quality through offering QuantumFlo’s green products.

“With the latest innovations in this industry being developed by QuantumFlo, the choice to switch preferred manufacturers was simple,” says Brian Darby, CEO of Wales-Darby. “The resources and availability we received when working with QuantumFlo have already given us an advantage when delivering efficient solutions for large-scale and time-sensitive projects.”

Like Wales Darby, numerous additions to the QuantumFlo Representative Team are experiencing similar results when promoting the integrated pumping solutions to their customers and client base.

QuantumFlo is showing its dedication to all their representatives across the world through offering reward programs, rep-specific resource websites and its ongoing commitment to excellence through innovation.

As a member of the US Green Building Council, QuantumFlo supports teaming up with representatives who value efficiency in products, services and processes to further deliver the highest quality LEED compliant solutions to the industry.


About QuantumFlo

QuantumFlo is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced packaged pump systems for commercial plumbing, HVAC, municipal, irrigation and industrial market applications. Our innovative pump technology includes aftermarket applications for the modification, upgrade and retrofit of aging or obsolete pumps systems. Based in Central Florida, QuantumFlo’s pre-packaged pump systems are exported to more than 23 countries.

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