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It’s Official: calQflo® is a Registered Trademark of QuantumFlo

We calQlate Great Things Ahead for this Intelligent Sizing Software


We’re pleased to announce that calQflo® is now a registered trademark of QuantumFlo!

Over this past year, we’ve been excited to share the latest calQflo® news with you including its updated logo and branding last November. Having the calQflo® name now trademarked helps us bring you an enhanced customer experience that only comes with a high quality, innovative product – it’s not just another trademarked word, it’s our promise to you!

What makes calQflo® so special? Whether it’s for plumbing, HVAC, or other construction projects, your specifications can be input into calQflo® to pick the best system selections and solutions to meet your unique needs.

This efficient online booster system sizing and selector software gives you not only the right size booster system for your job, but also the one that’s most energy-efficient. In fact, you can get 20-50% potential energy savings versus other competitors’ variable speed systems!

And best of all, we share calQflo® with you for free—so that you can get the maximum return on your investment for the lowest cost possible.

How easy is it to register with calQflo®? Pretty easy! We can explain it here in just a few minutes.

Want to try out calQflo® for yourself?

Sign up today and let us help you calQlate the right specs for your next project.