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EINSTEIN 3.0 Launches!

This Enhanced Pump System Energy Optimization Tool is Ready for Sizing


We are proud to announce that our pump energy optimization tool, EINSTEIN 3.0, has officially launched! Featuring a new and mobile-friendly design, built-in energy studies and a 100% Control and Spec Guarantee, this program allows users to find the best pump solutions they need—instantly.

“EINSTEIN 3.0 is all about enhancing our customers’ experience and delivering a maximum return on their investment through simple, intuitive information entered via a smartphone, tablet or computer,” said David Carrier, CEO of QuantumFlo.

It works like this: You input your project’s information—building dimensions, street pressure, power conditions, etc.—into EINSTEIN 3.0. and the program uses our trademarked iQFlo™ booster operating system and GreenFlo™ energy-algorithm to find the most energy-efficient system for your application in minutes.

An updated version of EINSTEIN 2.0, we redesigned 3.0’s integration to take pump selection a step further: EINSTEIN 3.0 actually selects the pump system you need so you can focus on the items that most need your attention. With our 100% Control and Spec Guarantee, we promise that 3.0 will find you the most efficient and cost-effective pump system you need.

In the highly demanding, pre-engineered pump system industry, where pump sizing can be difficult to simplify, we made EINSTEIN 3.0 to ensure your project will have the most efficient pump system right away.

Try it out for yourself at http://portal.quantumflo.com/.