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QuantumFlo Showcasing iQFlo 2.0 & GreenFlo Technologies at the 2016 ASPE Convention


QuantumFlo, an advanced packaged pump systems and controls company, will showcase its industry-leading products and expertise at the 2016 American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Convention and Exposition at booth #653. This event will take place in Phoenix, Arizona from October 28 to November 1, 2016.

ASPE is the premier professional development event for the plumbing industry, offering technical education programs throughout the convention. This year, QuantumFlo’s CEO David Carrier will lead a session focusing on the implications of code changes on pressure booster sizing.

“ASPE is the plumbing industry’s most exciting event where the innovators of the industry come together,” said David Carrier, CEO of QuantumFlo. “It’s always a pleasure attending ASPE, and presenting a session is an exceptional honor. I look forward engaging with attendees in the session and on the show floor.”

During the expo, QuantumFlo, an ASPE Affiliate Sponsor, will be highlighting its energy-saving technologies, iQFlo 2.0 and GreenFlo.

  • iQFlo 2.0 is an integrated system that address the challenges associated with variable speed domestic water pressure booster control and ensures pump systems perform as energy efficiently as possible.
  • GreenFlo is an algorithm using the flow detection algorithm in iQFlo 2.0 to identify when flow is low enough to reduce system pressure to compensate for recovered friction.

In addition to highlighting technology, QuantumFlo’s equipment will be on hand to give attendees an up-close look at industry-leading commercial VFD boosters for high or low pressure, including Genius E, Genius V, WisperFlo and Prodigy, as well as the Atom line of pre-packaged pumps.

Experience QuantumFlo’s powerful pump system solutions firsthand at booth #653. To reserve a slot for a private meeting, visit events.quantumflo.com/ASPE2016.


Florida Pressure Pump and Control Systems Manufacturer Launches Refreshed Company Brand

QuantumFlo's new website with a refreshed company brand and theme to reflect growth and commitment to continued innovation in the pumping and controls systems market.

QuantumFlo's new website with a refreshed company brand and theme to reflect growth and commitment to continued innovation in the pumping and controls systems market.

New QuantumFlo Website Showcases Products and Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Plumbing

(DeBary, Florida) — QuantumFlo, the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-packaged pump systems for commercial and industrial plumbing applications, has launched a new website with a refreshed company brand and theme to reflect growth and commitment to continued innovation in 2012 and beyond.

Already a well-known company in the U.S. plumbing industry, QuantumFlo’s new corporate image and website are a response to the growing global market demand for effective pressure boost solutions—particularly in buildings where previous packaged pump solutions have proven ineffective or have failed to meet engineering expectations.

The new website—www.QuantumFlo.com—introduces the company’s product line which features a diverse offering of custom and pre-packaged pump systems designed to boost water pressure in high-rise residential and commercial buildings, as well as for industrial applications where low pressure prevents the movement of water across large structures or land tracts.

In addition to sporting an improved company theme, the new website offers access to QuantumFlo’s online web catalog and a Sizing Tools section—curiously dubbed by the acronym “EINSTEIN”—where affiliates, resellers and contractors can access its exclusive applications for calculating project specs.

QuantumFlo’s new website was soft-launched in time to showcase it at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Expo, which was held in Chicago in January 2012—and the first of a series of trade shows and expos this year where the company will be presenting its pre-packaged pump products and industry solutions.

“Our new website is a reflection of the evolution from a small company with big ideas to a large organization thriving on innovation” said David Carrier, President of QuantumFlo. “We’ve grown to become a company with a strong influence in the plumbing industry—and its future.”

The new QuantumFlo website was designed by Dream Factory Productions, a full-service marketing, advertising and PR agency in Orlando, Florida, which specializes in working with industrial clients.

About QuantumFlo

QuantumFlo is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced packaged pump systems for commercial plumbing, HVAC, municipal, irrigation and industrial market applications. Our innovative pump technology includes aftermarket applications for the modification, upgrade and retrofit of aging or obsolete pumps systems. Based in Central Florida, QuantumFlo’s pre-packaged pump systems are exported to more than 25 countries.

To learn more about QuantumFlo, its products and solutions, please visit http://www.quantumflo.com.


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